Located in Brussels with associates in Europe's major capitals, Griffiths & Company provides consultancy, communications training, creative writing services and online support to European, corporate and institutional research


Nigel Griffiths is a communications consultant and writer specialised in pan-European communications. An economist and journalist by background, he is fluent in a number of European languages. He spent fifteen years in public relations and EU consultancy before setting up his own public affairs and media relations organisation.

His specialities include international corporate communications, technology and finance,  multi-country media campaigns, media training, Internet web site management and creative writing.





diannaDianna Rienstra  is a writer and public affairs and communications specialist with a background in daily journalism followed by five years in the public sector and three years in government as a senior communications director. Shespecialises in socio-economic issues, energy, IT, finance, philanthropy, international development, trade union issues, humanitarian affairs and trade issues, as well as European public affairs, corporate social responsibility, enterprise, transportation, and R&D. 

With a wealth of writing and editing experience, her work also includes moderating conferences, seminars, and panel discussions as well as teaching workshops on media relations and crisis communications.  She has prepared background reports and proceedings for more than 65 conferences held in cooperation with organisations such as the European Commission, the United Nations and the World Economic Forum.


Hugh Barton-Smith spent seventeen years in Paris in corporate communications and direct marketing before joining the European Commission in 2004 where he articulated key messages on behalf of DG Enterprise and Industry. hugh.jpeg

After 5 years working with DG officials and the Vice-President Verheugen's spokesmen on preparing a wide range of communication from press releases to exhibition stands, he spent eighteen months as a Research Analyst in the European Parliament Library. With his extensive agency background, Hugh is proficient at determining how a message can be repurposed across a wide variety of channels from social media to audio-visual production.


David Watkiss is a writer, editor, moderator, trainer and communications consultant. He is aHarvard Law School trained lawyer who practiced law in the United States for 30 years where he represented a number of media clients, including authors, reporters, broadcasters and publishers.  

watkissSince moving to Brussels his clients have included the European Commission, the World Bank, the World Economic Forum, Friends of Europe, the EUREKA Initiative and the King Baudouin Foundation.






Angelo Sarno heads up the creative team handling publications and websites. A talented graphic artist and musician he brings creativity and a wealth of experience to communications and presentational issues.

angel 2 2As a trained sound engineer, he brings a new dimension to multi-media productions and fresh input to many aspects of production and planning.











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EU update

Panorama magazine

pano44 en


The primary content for DG REGIO’s quarterly magazine PANORAMA is provided by Griffiths & Company.

EU conference in Kazakhstan


astana2Griffiths & Company organised an international conference in the Kazakhstan capital Astana for the EU Delegation.

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IEE energy magazine - 20m green jobs

iee mag 5 enThe European Commission estimates 20 million jobs could be created between now and 2020 in the green economy. Read about this and more in'IEE Magazine', edited and written by Griffiths & Company on behalf of Intelligent Energy Europe.



Eco Innovation and SMEs

potocnik ejc 31mayInvestment in SMEs working in the area of environmentally innovative technologies is producing above average returns, creating valuable jobs and also alleviating environmental impacts, according to a new report.

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Project to electrify construction machinery

Environment illustration copyA pioneering Swedish research project aims to electrify construction and curb emissions.

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