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There is no magic or mystique in media relations even when performed under crisis conditions. Getting along with the media in any situation is largely a matter of knowing what they want, what they need, and how they operate. Eliminate risk and confusion and learn how to remain in control by attending one of the media training courses developed by Griffiths & Company, a recipe for success for anyone involved in media relations at any level.

Find out what makes news and why in a rapidly changing media landscape and discover how to get your message across on television and radio and in the press. The course gives valuable insight into various types of media including Internet, print and broadcast, demonstrating how different media interpret the same information.

An intensive one day course delivers in-depth practical training in television techniques and offers valuable advice on how to cope with all aspects of television coverage including on-the-spot interviews, studio appearances, televised press conferences and live shots.

Customised media training - Gain confidence in all aspects of media relations

Our media training courses are devised and delivered by public relations professionals and journalists to guide participants through a minefield of concerns. Participants are guaranteed to discover strengths and overcome weaknesses.Advance preparation with full client input vis-à -vis their objectives helps participants learn how to develop and deliver their message while remaining relaxed and in control. They are taught how to face cameras and the press with confidence, portraying themselves and their organisation or cause to the best advantage without disappointing or denying the media opportunity. 

Each session is tailored to suit personal requirements and participants may choose to follow the programme individually or in small groups. Practical training is carried out in fully equipped television studio facilities and the courses cover managing media relations, delivering information to the media and handling the media in a crisis. Importantly, the courses also include essential tips on dress, hair and make-up and mannerisms.

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