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Brussels now boasts the largest press corps on the planet. More than 1,000 journalists are located in the European capital and focused on the developments of the European Union and NATO. The city houses the full panoply of media - major news agencies, major TV networks, major print publications and a myriad of freelance journalists and specialists.

There is no shortage of information being fed into this media cauldron. The press is bombarded from all sides. If you want their attention, your approach must be focused and relevant.

Griffiths & Company has extensive experience in organising media events from full-scale press conferences to press seminars, briefings and one-on-one interview sessions. We can give you sound advice on the most appropriate communications methods and help shape your message for maximum effect.

If you have press information for the media in Europe's national capitals, we can also help. Our database of international media can get your information onto the desk of the right person and in the appropriate language.






Anthem for Europe?

Is it time for a new Anthem for Europe? Something more fitting for 2016 than 1957?…

Bringing communities together

  Written by Griffiths and Company, the latest edition of the PANORAMA magazine of regional polic…

Brussels Press Club launched

  Brussels finally has a Press Club for international correspondents, just like New York, Londo…

CSR policy for the EU?

  The EU is developing a new policy on Corporate Social Responsibility.…

Eco Innovation and SMEs

Investment in SMEs working in the area of environmentally innovative technologies is producing above…

EU update

EU invests for growth through the regions

cover mag48 enThe EU's regional policy now accounts for one third of the EU budget - EUR 350 billion - and has been re-focused as a major investment tool to revitalise the economies of Europe's regions and get them creating jobs and growing new businesses. 

Panorama magazine

pano44 en


The primary content for DG REGIO’s quarterly magazine PANORAMA is provided by Griffiths & Company.

Eco Innovation and SMEs

potocnik ejc 31mayInvestment in SMEs working in the area of environmentally innovative technologies is producing above average returns, creating valuable jobs and also alleviating environmental impacts, according to a new report.

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SMEs and innovation

SME conference La Hulpe 2010

Nigel Griffiths moderating the EU Presidency's conference on SMEs and Innovation.

Interview with Delors

DelorsNigel Griffiths has an exclusive interview with Jacques Delors, former President of the European Commission.


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