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spiritsofeuropeIs it time for a new Anthem for Europe? Something more fitting for 2016 than 1957?

The six founding members of the EU opted for Beethoven's Ode to Joy. In an expanded EU of 28 members, this Germanic feel perhaps no longer reflects the mood of the Mediterranean or East European members. 

To have a rousing theme meaningful for all, Nigel Griffiths has written, arranged and recorded a new piece of music 'Spirits of Europe'.

Have a listen here and give us your feedback.

Listen to Spirits of Europe





Like the way


Shooting Star


King of rock and roll


Feeling inspired


True love never fades


Yenisei Boat Ride


Used to have a dream


Summer in Brussels


One track mind


Aint got time





Night Time Girl


Tonight make it right


Dont Need You To Save Me






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Is it time for a new Anthem for Europe? Something more fitting for 2016 than 1957?…

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